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As a responsible media outlet that deeply respects the significance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we believe it is imperative to reflect on the profound healing and transformation that our great nation, Canada, so desperately needs.

Canada, a land of diverse cultures and landscapes, is not without its scars, particularly when it comes to the historical treatment of Indigenous peoples. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th serves as a poignant reminder that we must do more than simply pay lip service to the idea of reconciliation. We must act, and we must act collectively.

The wealth, health, and unity of Canada are intrinsically linked to the well-being of all its people

It’s not enough to enjoy the prosperity of our nation while turning a blind eye to the injustices faced by Indigenous communities. True prosperity is only achieved when it is shared by all. Prosperity happens when the health and well-being of every citizen are upheld as fundamental principles.

To heal as a nation, we must collectively embrace the values of empathy, understanding, and unity. It’s not just about acknowledging the past, but actively working towards a better future. We must foster a society where Indigenous voices are not just heard but valued, where their histories and cultures are celebrated as an integral part of our national identity.

It’s time to recognize that writing about reconciliation is not enough

We must be better, and we must do better. We must educate ourselves and our communities about the historical and ongoing injustices faced by Indigenous peoples. Finally, we must advocate for policies that address systemic inequalities and provide equal access to opportunities and resources for all Canadians.

Our pledge

As entrepreneurs, we pledge to use our platform and resources to promote Indigenous businesses. We’ll support initiatives that empower Indigenous communities, and actively engage in meaningful dialogue. We invite all Canadians to join us in this commitment to creating the Canada that was meant to be—a Canada where diversity is celebrated, where equality is a reality, and where reconciliation is more than just a word, but a lived experience for all.

Let us remember that healing is a journey, and it begins with each one of us. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive, and truly united Canada, where the wounds of the past are acknowledged, and the promise of a better future is realized.

On September 30th, we’ll remember and commemorate the history of this country that is the home of multiple nations, communities and truths.

Learn more about how the Government of Canada is working to advance reconciliation and renew the relationship with Indigenous peoples.

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